Russell Wong - Romeo Must Die Soundtrack

Music by Stanley Clarke and Timbaland.

If you check the IMDB forum for 'Romeo Must Die', you will see that there's A LOT of questions about the music in the movie - people trying to identify favorite sound clips from the movie.

A soundtrack CD was released with 18 songs - but they are not identical to the 18 songs listed in the end credits of the movie, so I decided to make a list. The soundtrack even has a Wikipedia page

The score of the movie was written by Stanley Clarke, but it's not included on the CD - he has one song included though. As far as I can hear, the music from the end credits is listed in the same order they appear in the movie.

01 September 2008
CD Music listing End Credit Music listing
1. Try Again - Aaliyah
2. Come Back in One Piece - Aaliyah
3. Rose in a Concrete World [J Dub Remix] - Joe
4. Rollin' Raw - B.G.
5. We At It Again - Timbaland & Magoo
6. Are You Feelin' Me? - Aaliyah
7. Perfect Man - Destiny's Child
8. Simply Irresistible - Ginuwine
9. It Really Don't Matter - Confidential
10. Thugz - Mack 10 f. The Comrades
11. I Don't Wanna - Aaliyah
12. Somebody Gonna Die Tonight - Dave Bing
13. Woozy - Playa
14. Pump the Brakes - Dave Hollister
15. This Is a Test - Chanté Moore
16. Revival - Non A Miss
17. Come On - Blade
18. Swung On - Stanley Clarke & Politix

Soundtrack lyrics
1 First I'm Gonna Crawl - DMX
2 This is a Test - Chante More
3 It Really Don't Matter - Confidential
4 You're Not From Brighton - Fatboy Slim
5 I see you baby(full frontal mix - Groove Armada featuring Gram'ma Funk
6 Come Back in One Piece - Aaliyah featuring DMX
7 Perfect Man - Destiny's Child
8 Inside My Mind/ Blue Skies - Groove Armada
9 High Roller - Crystal Method
10 Rose in a Concrete World - Joe
11 We at it Again - Timbaland & Magoo
12 Going Home - DJ Frane, w. samples from Good Luck Charm - Ohio Players
13 I Don't Wanna - Aaliyah
14 Rollin' Raw - BG from Ca$h Money
15 Are You Feelin' Me? - Aaliyah
16 Thugz - performed by Mac 10 - featuring The Comrades
17 Keep Hope Alive - Crystal Method
18 Try Again - Aaliyah
19 Somebody's gonna die - Dave Bing featuring Li'l Mo

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