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Message for Russell Wong:

The official Russell Wong web site is still being renovated, so I suspect it might never come back again.
I've updated the filmography and there have been a couple of DVD relases.
I have also approved a bunch of guestbook messages - I apologize for my tardiness.

Remember to vote for Vanishing Son at TVShowsonDVD.com - you have to sign up before you can vote.

I also noted a comment on youtube - saying that if you have netflix you can watch Vanishing Son episodes.

Rumored upcoming jobs:
The Cook and the Thief, playing Mr. Yu
The Harvest, role not known
The Next Big Hit, playing Master Chung


Not really news, but the official Russell Wong web site is being renovated again.
I've added two new links to old interviews and updated the filmography.
I checked YesAsia.com for Russell's movie and was pleased to find that one of his earliest movies, Porky's Meatballs, had been released on DVD earlier this year. I just ordered it, and I don't expect a fantastic movie, but I hope it's silly fun.


The redesigned official Russell Wong web site opened 2008 October 20. I think it looks great and it's wonderful to see some new photos of Russell - I just wish the navigation was a bit more user-friedly - must the top image and navigation take up half of each page?

Dim Sum Funeral will have its U.S. premiere at the AFI-Fest in Los Angeles The AFI-Fest runs from October 30 to November 9.

Another upcoming film festival is the Chinese American Film Festival (CAFF).
The opening ceremony will be on November 3 at the Directors Guild in Hollywood and CAFF will screen 50 films in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Diego.
Read The One Billion People of China Reach Out Through Film and Fashion with the Chinese American Film Festival!


By Chris Koseluk, The Hollywood Reporter, 2008 Sept 25
"Art Birzneck, president of Birch Tree Entertainment, plans to fuse the old with the new. An international sales and production company specializing in martial arts films such as “The Brave,” featuring Thai action star Mike B, Birch Tree is teaming up with action star Russell Wong (”The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor”) to produce films under the joint venture Urasia.

“You have to mix the styles, start bringing a little bit more Western sensibilities into the films,” says Birzneck. “Our primary directive is to fuse the Asian component and MMA component together.”

Urasia’s first production, “Silencers” will be unveiled at AFM. The endeavor calls for three productions a year, with Wong appearing in each."
Read the complete article on THR: Made in Asia

Art Birzneck was producer on Honor, the 2006 movie where Russell Wong played Ray.
Trivia alert: Ray was Russell Wong's first completely bald role, the baldest role before that was Gordon Chen in Tai-Pan.

Launch date for the renovated official Russell Wong web site is 2008 October 20.


Added a page for Mummy 3 with 3 photos that I've been able to find of Russell's character.


Russell's official site is currently undergoing re-construction. The old content is gone and there's a new home page up - with two really nice photos.
So remember to check back soon to see what's happening.

I've added a page with video clips from youtube, and some new images in the gallery - magazine covers and 8 promo photos.

And I've fixed the guestbook - it's now possible to post in it!

Join TVShowsonDVD.com and vote for Vanishing Son to be released on DVD.
You never know - it might help ...

While you're at it, you might vote for Black Sash too. It's unlikely it will be released since so few episodes were filmed, but show your love anyway.


Mummy 3, Tomb of the Dragon Emperor premieres in the US August 1st, and in Denmark August 8th - I just thought I'd mention Denmark since that's where this site is created ....
More release dates listed on IMDB


I just read on Russell's IMDB board that he will be in The Mummy 3, set to premiere August 2008. His role is listed as "Zijuan's Lover". Zijuan is being played by Michelle Yeoh.
Source: MichelleYeoh.info


On February 27, 2007, Honor will be released on region 1 DVD by Monterey Media - with 2 covers to pick from!
For outside the US, preorder at Amazon.com.


Added a gallery for The Joy Luck Club
Updated all pages so pictures don't open in a new window any more.
Offsite links still open in new windows though.


Moved the site from russellwong.meretean.com to www.russellwongfan.com - it should hopefully be easier to remember :-)
I also added 10 links - new and old, on the links page, so now it's easier to find Russell's online interviews.


Added a small page for Undoing plus a link to the official site on the links page


Trailer for Russell's movie Honor on YouTube
The movie will be released on region 1 DVD on February 27, 2007.

There's a Russell Wong website on MySpace, but I suspect it's fake - I don't imagine Russell Wong would claim to have kicked Jet Li's ass in real life, or list "kicking ass" as one of his interests or list his yearly income.


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