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A neo film noir, a crime drama set on the mean streets of LA's Koreatown, Undoing is about Samuel, who returns after a mysterious absence to reconcile the death of his best friend exactly one year ago.

Wong plays Leon, a professional hit man hired to make sure Sam leaves town. Leon is unorthodox in his looks and his ways, and is played to great effect by Russell Wong.

The movie was both written and directed by Chris Chan Lee, and it stars:

Sung Kang as Sam Kim
Kelly Hu as Vera - the girl he left behind
Russell Wong as Leon, hired asassin
Jose Zuniga as Randall, Vera's boss

Tom Bower as Don Osa, Sam's friend and mentor, a gangster looking to retire
Leonardo Nam as Joon, Sam's friend
And others
Russell Wong as Leon, 32 kb
Leon in green, 26 kb
Sung Kang as Sam, 90 kb
Kelly Hu as Vera, 112 kb
Writer and Director Chris Chan Lee about Russell Wong:
As the writer/director, I had a great time working with Russell on the shoot, and although I know he has quite a track record and garners much attention for his work, it's great to hear directly from someone who has a mutual admiration of his talent.

Russell is an incredibly well-trained and proficient actor, with much to offer aside from his striking good looks. He has that rare intuitive ability to connect with the essence of his characters in a very instinctual way. And his process is very playful.

Russell brought many ideas to help breathe life into Leon, who, on a superficial level services the plot as the resident hitman of a modern noir crime drama, yet Russell manages to illuminate the complexities and humanity underneath. Ultimately Leon is a deeply scarred character with an identity crisis, and Russell brought him much humor and pathos while driving towards that cinematic realization.

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01 September 2008

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