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Kai Sing - the coolest deadly dude in sunglasses

Russell Wong about Jet Li: "He's like ... Baryshnikov of martial arts, basically."

"Han's final fight, against Kai, pits two masters in a deadly duel. The set is a garden, created within the studio complete with trees, flowers, a pavilion and a series of fire-filled braziers. Propane was delivered by the tanker-load to keep those fires burning during the five summmer days it took to shoot the battle. Both the participants were physically and mentally drained by the end of each day's work, but the results are extraordinary."
Source: The Warner Brother's Romeo Must Die website

So many people have posted questions about the RMD soundtrack on the IMDB boards, so I have made a page just about the soundtrack. The problem is that there's quite a difference between what was listed in the movie end credits and what's on the CD ...

Romeo Must Die Soundtrack page

Sparring on the roof, 244 kb
On the boat, 271 kb
Final fight, 267 kb

01 September 2008

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