Russell Wong - Mummy - Tomb of the Dragon Emperor Gallery

Russell Wong plays General Ming Guo, the emperor's right hand man.

While a terracotta warrior is stretching the mummy definition a bit, it still involves someone who had been thought dead for a long time, and his physical entity being revived. So I'm buying the title Munmmy 3.

The movie starts in the olden times, and we see Emperor Han conquering all of China. Once he has it, he wants to keep it, so he searches out a sorceress who it is rumored knows a spell of eternal life. He also wants to keep the sorceress, so he sends his general to fetch her to his court, and warns him that he intends her for himself.

However, on their journey back to court, the general and the sorceress become lovers. Once the spell of eternal life has been cast, the emperor has the general executed and in revenge, the sorceress grants the emperor and his army eternal life - in suspended animation.

So Russell Wong is in the movie for the first 8 minutes, and that's it.

Later on there's a one-armed skeleton that might be the general - but it's not played by Wong.

Russell Wong as General Ming Guo, 342 kb
Russell Wong and Jet Li, 362 kb
Russell Wong and Michelle Yeoh , 379 kb

Rob Cohen, the director of Mummy 3, was also a producer of Vanishing Son, Russell's four TV movies. He even played Teacher Benton in a few of them, so he and Russell go way back.
11 September 2008

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