Russell Wong Filmography

A complete list - or as complete as I have been able to make it -
of Russell Wong's work

I have not seen everything, so some of the information may not be correct.
If you have any corrections, please let me know.

Sources: IMDB and TV.COM.
Plus RussellWong.com

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Year made Title G Role Director Availability & etc.
2011 Snow Flower and the Secret Fan Bank CEO Wayne Wang DVD: R1 release November 1, 2011
2011 What Women Want aka
I Know a Woman's Heart
Peter Daming Chen DVD: R3, Blu A
Romance, comedy
2010 Color Me Love Zoe's Ex-husband Alexi Tan DVD: R0, pal
2009 The Sanctuary aka
The Warrior's Path (UK title)
Patrick Thanapon Maliwan DVD: R1, R2, R3
2008 Dim Sum Funeral Alexander Anna Chi DVD: R1, R2
Other cast members: Kelly Hu, Steph Song, Lisa Lu, Julia Nickson, Francoise Yip and Chang Tseng.
"Son Alexander is in Manhattan. A successful dermatologist, hes married to a former Miss Taiwan and cheating on her."
2008 House of Wong The Man Nicholas Wong DVD: NA
Status: Short film that was shown at the 2010 San Diego Asian Film Festival. Very short clip on the site of DoP Matthew J. Lloyd's website. Russel doesn't say anything.
2008 The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor
aka The Mummy 3
Ming Guo, general, and Zi Yuan's Lover Rob Cohen DVD: R1, R2, R4
Zi Yuan is played by Michelle Yeoh
Official site, Rob Cohen's Mummy Blog
2005 Honor Ray David Worth DVD: R1, R2, R4
Order from Monterey Media - 2 covers to pick from! For outside the US, you can order from Amazon.
Honor Official site
2005 Inside Out Frank David Ogden DVD: R1 from Starz Entertainment. Co-starring Eriq La Salle and Steven Weber
View the trailer on YouTube
2005 Undoing G Leon Chris Chan Lee DVD: R1, Undoing Official site
Chris Chan Lee also wrote the script
2004 Twisted
Der Erste Verdacht, German
La Tela dell'assassino, Italian Giro Inesperado, Spain
Blackout, Danish
Lieutenant Tong Philip Kaufman DVD: R1, R2, R4
Twisted Official Site
2001 The Lost Empire (TV)
Monkey King
Monkey King Peter MacDonald DVD: R1, R2
2000 Romeo Must Die
Romeo doit mourir, French
Kai Sing Andrzej Bartkowiak DVD: R1, R2,
Official Romeo Must Die site
2000 Takedown
aka Track Down
aka Hackers 2: Takedown
G Tsutomu Shimomura Joe Chapelle DVD: R1, R2, costarring Skeet Ulrich
2000 The Tracker (TV)
Im Zeichen der Rache
Rick Tsung Jeff Schechter DVD: R1. Starring Casper Van Dien
1998 The Prophecy II
The Prophecy 2: Ashtown
God's Army II - Die Prophezeihung, German
L'Angelo del Male, Italian
G Danyael, an angel Greg Spence DVD: R1, R2
1994 Vanishing Son IV (TV) Jian-wa Chang John Nicolella VHS.
1994 Vanishing Son III (TV) Jian-wa Chang John Nicolella VHS.
1994 Vanishing Son II (TV) Jian-wa Chang John Nicolella VHS.
1994 Vanishing Son I (TV) Jian-wa Chang John Nicolella VHS.
1994 Chunggamsuk
aka Ching jin shu
aka Satin Steel
Ken Tony Leung Siu Hung DVD: R1
1993 The Joy Luck Club Lin Xiao Wayne Wang DVD: R1, R2
1992 Xia ri quing ren
aka Summer Lovers
Zeniger Clifton Ko NA
1991 New Jack City G Park Mario Van Peebles DVD: R1, R2
1990 China Cry: A True Story Lam Cheng Shen James F. Collier DVD: R1, R2
1989 Eat a Bowl of Tea Ben Loy Wayne Wang DVD: R1, R2
1989 The Deadly Sin
aka China White
aka Gwang tin lung foo wooi
aka Hong tian long hu hui
aka Rumbling sky dragon tiger meeting
G Bobby Chow Ronny Yu VCD and Laserdisc
1988 C.A.T. Squad: Python Wolf (TV) na William Friedkin VHS ntsc, Russell is only in the first few minutes
1987 China Girl Yung Gan Abel Ferrara DVD: R4
1987 Harry's Hong Kong (TV)
aka China Hand
Sergeant Lee Jerry London NA
1986 Tai-Pan (TV and theatrical) G Gordon Chen Daryl Duke DVD: R1, R2
A mini series that was edited into a movie.
1986 Gwai ma haau yuen
aka Gui ma jiao yuan
aka Porky's Meatballs
aka Zany Campus
Mr. Wong, the physical Education Teacher Clifton Ko DVD: R3
1985 Ge wu sheng ping
aka Musical Dancer
aka Musical Singer
G Russell Dennis Yu DVD, VCD

Airdate Series Title G Episode Character Availability, Etc.
2010 Sep 30 Nikita. "Rough Trade"
Victor Han DVD: R1, BluRay, R2 release September 19
W: Juan Carlos Coto
D: Nick Copus
2006 May 12 Numb3rs "Undercurrents"
2x23, #36
Jeremy Wang DVD: R1, R2.
W: Cheryl Heuton & Nicolas Falacci
D: J. Miller Tobin
2005 Nov 1 Commander in Chief "First Disaster"
Some high-ranking military guy DVD: R1.
Downloadable from iTunes
W: Richard Arthur & Crystal Nix Hines
D: Vince Misiano
2005 Sep 19 Just Legal "Pilot"
District Attorney NA
W: Jonathan Shapiro
D: Andrew Davis
2004 Dec 9 CSI G "No Humans Involved"
Lieutenant Kim DVD: R1, R2.
W: Judith McCreary
D: Rob Bailey
2003, Spring Black Sash G Episodes 1-6 (7?) Tom Chang NA.
1998 May 17 Touched by an Angel "The Spirit of Liberty Moon, pt.1" 4x26, #90
"The Spirit of Liberty Moon, pt.2" 4x27, #91
George DVD: R1, R2.
W: Martha Williamson
D: Tim Van Patten
1998 April Honolulu CRU Pilot Detective George Akiyama Pilot of an ABC series - unaired
W: Mark Haskell Smith
D: Larry Shaw
1997 April Hawaii Five-O Pilot Commander of the Five-O unit Pilot of a CBS series - unaired
W: Stephen J. Cannell?
D: Bradford May?
1994-1995 Vanishing Son G Episodes 1-13 Jian-Wa Chang NA.
Rob Cohen created, wrote and executive produced the series - and played Teacher Benton in a few episodes
Sometime between 1989 - 1991, I think As the World Turns ? ? NA
W: ?
D: ?
1989 Jan 15 21 Jump Street "The Dragon and the Angel"
Loc DVD: R1, R2.
W: E. Paul Edwards
D: Jefferson Kibbee
1988 Nov 9 The Equalizer "Riding the Elephant"
Narong Bansari NA.
W: M.K. Lorens
D: Donald Petrie
Year made Title Role Director Availability & etc.
2007 "Least Likwely to Vote" Himself Commercial encouraging young Asians to vote.
2006 Royal Salute Scotch Whisky An archer Commercial
2003 True Crime: Streets of LA Nick Kang (Voice) Computer game
1993 Geoffrey Beene 30 Man 30 minute short to celebrate the company's 30th anniversary
1992 Macy's commercial ? Commercial
1986 "Take it Easy" by Andy Taylor Dancer Music video
Watch it on YouTube
1985 "Rhythmn of the Night" by De Barge Dancer Music video
Watch it on YouTube


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