Russell Wong

A small biography

Born: 1963, March 1, in Troy, NY.
Parents: Connie Van Yserloo, artist, and William Wong, retired restaurant owner. His parents divorced when he was 7 years old.
His father is originally from Shandung Province, China. His mother is American, of Dutch Siblings: Six, including actor/director Michael Wong.
Spouse: Flora Cheung, since September 2003. She's a former Hong Kong actress turned fashion designer.
Languages: English, Cantonese
Name: Birth name Russell Jan Tak Wong (IMDB), also seen: Russell Wong Sun-tak and Law Siu.


Height: 6' (1,83 meters)
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown


Russell studied at Santa Monica College, but liked the arts more than the books, so he took acting and dancing classes.
Russell's dancing lessons paid off. He was a dancer in several music videos before he became a leading actor.
Around 1998-2000, he took classes in film production at New York University to broaden his entertainment industry knowledge in all arenas, including directing.


Aside from acting and dancing, Russell is very passionate about photography and his official website has a section featuring his own photos.


Russell Wong trained as a dancer and worked in a junior ballet company's rendition of 'The Nutcracker'. As an adult, he appeared in music videos for the likes of David Bowie. He also toured with Donna Summer.

Even though Russell Wong can't be called a martial artist, martial arts has played a big part in several of his roles. He trains in taekwondo, Shoji Ryu Karate, and Fu Jow Pai Kung Fu.

Russell Wong is the only Asian-American actor to star in two TV series, Vanishing Son and Black Sash.

Vanishing Son started with 4 TV movies which were spun off into a series which ran for 13 one-hour episodes as part of the Action Pack with "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys" and "Xena: Warrior Princess".

Black Sash only aired six episodes before it was cancelled.

Russell Wong also filmed several pilots that were not picked up:
A new Hawaii Five-0 series, co-starring Gary Busey
Honolulu CRU (Crime Reduction Unit), co-starring Michael Rooker and Lori Petty.
The Locked Room, an updated Charlie Chan movie, which have never aired. The novelty of seeing an Asian American playing Charlie Chan might have been a pleasant surprise, but some Asians were reluctant to see the stereotypic Chan resurrected. Even a revamped up-to-date version ....


In 1994, Wong received two awards:
The Image Award, by the Organization of Chinese Americans, and
The Media Achievement Award, by the Media Action Network for Asian Americans.
Both were awarded in recognition of his outstanding work in the entertainment industry as well as being an exceptional role model for Asian Americans.

Not quite an award, but ......
In 1995, he was listed on People Magazine's list of 50 Most Beautiful People.

1997 Wong was honored in San Francisco by the Asian American Arts Foundation, along with John Woo, Terence Chang and Tia Carrera.

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